What is Charis?

Charis is the transliteration of the Greek word (χάρις) which is translated grace in English Bibles.
The Reformation of the Church stressed that one is saved by the free grace of God. The Bible's teaching that one is saved by God's grace, and not by one's works, is one of the five solas of the Reformation.

Ephesians 2 : 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.

It is during the Protestant Reformation of the Church, where these beautiful doctrines of grace were reclaimed. Needy sinners could find hope and rest in Christ. Many godly Reformers studied the Bible diligently, believing it to be the only rule of faith and life (2 Timothy 3:16) by which one could come to know God.

What does that have to do with this site?

This site is intended to be a help to us, those who have come in their footsteps, benefiting from the deposit of instruction and wisdom from the labors of these men who came before, so that we can continue that work of Reformation.


Charis is intended to help you in your study of the Scriptures.

When coming to the Internet, there are many sites that contain links to many of these same materials. We are very thankful for those men and women who have taken the painstaking time to transfer the Scriptures and other documents into electronic form. They have been a blessing to our lives. However, many of these sites are overly fussy, or extremely crude. We desired something simple, minimalistic, but also with the power that comes from being in a digital medium.

Unlike most other sites with this content, Charis is actually not a simple collection of static .html pages. Rather, Charis contains documents in an electronic format that allows Html pages to be generated.

This means that Charis is actually a data aware and database centric solution that has a code based backend that allows it to perform a variety of tasks that a static Html site cannot.

Over the upcoming months we will be giving you a variety of ways to interact with this content.


In the meantime, enjoy an easy to read collection of the Westminster Standards and the Children's Catechism. Come back often and see how the site progresses. Above all, be blessed in the only Savior of Men - Jesus Christ our Lord.